The Dream of Free Study at State University

Studying at a state university (PTN) has long been a dream and hope for
Indonesian people to pursue their dreams. The combination of the alma
mater’s reputation, high-quality lectures, and affordable tuition means
that studying at a PTN has always been the highest aspiration for
Indonesian students. PTN is the basis for lower-class society to access
quality and affordable higher education.

Inclusive higher education is crucial for Indonesia’s prosperous future. In
general, people with a bachelor’s degree have higher levels of income,
better quality of life, political participation and meaningful social
interactions, and higher happiness in life. The relationship between
higher education and a higher quality of life is even more vital for PTN
graduates. Traditionally, well-known PTNs, many of which now have the
status of Legal Entity PTNs (PTN-BH), are campuses that produce
national leaders in government and the business world.

With its essential position in improving the welfare and quality of life and
the competitiveness of its graduates in the world of work, maintaining
fair access to PTN for all is crucial to reducing inequality. However, in the
last decade, the cost of studying at PTN has increased, making the dream
of becoming a graduate more difficult for the country’s generation.